Hi Dribbble!

Hi Dribbble! 👋🏼

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Long time lurker here. I'm a self-taught designer with a background in Comp Sci and, for what it's worth, a MBA. For the past number of years I've mostly been focused on UX strategy and design and never had really saw myself (or was seen) as a great visual designer. Recently, for better or for worse, it seems designers are expected to have deeper and deeper skills on the visual side of things, too.

I've been using Dribbble as a source of awe and inspiration in the visual design world for a while and, admittedly, was too intimidated to dip my toe in. But, better late than never, right?

I thought long and hard about what my debut shot should be. I eventually chose to do this because

a) I have a giant stash of lanyards from conferences and meetups that I've attended and taken part in over the years and they kept screaming at me to do something with them, and
b) I figured I'd start by really throwing myself at a part of visual design that I'm not really comfortable with - illustrations.

Hope you guys like it and eager to boldly jump into this community! 🚀

Posted on Mar 23, 2018

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