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Minimal movie posters #4 - Whiplash

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Minimal movie posters #4 - Whiplash branding minimal drums red whiplash

Another week, another Degordian branding challenge! 🙂

The task was still the same, to create a minimalist poster for a movie, but this time we decided to tackle a real hard-hitter - Whiplash with J.K Simmons and Miles Teller.

I teamed up with our copywriter Dorian for this one. We threw a bunch of different ideas on the table and came up with lots angles to approach this - from using iconic scenes and lines from the movie to telling our story through specific symbols. Ultimately, we put a lot of that on the side, focused on the psychological nature of the movie and tried to delve into the minds of Andrew Neiman and Terence Fletcher.

We ended up creating this poster that revolves around the idea of Whiplash being a metaphor for the Stockholm syndrome, and we presented it through two stories. The first one is about Andrew being unable to cut its relation with Terence even though it's full of both physical and emotional pain, and the second one is about the two of them being in a sort of a prison that prevents them from ever giving up on drumming despite all the pain it caused them.

We had a lot of fun making this poster, so check out the full-size version that's attached, and also a couple of variations with different copy!

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