SPACED •► Official #SPACEDchallenge Submission

My Official #SPACEDchallenge submission!

See the Full App Video Walkthrough:

Or just peek some LoFi GIFs of each section here on Dribbble instead:

•► Splash Screen Loading
With this app, I wanted the loading screen to be this critical moment where we really give the user the awesome feeling of leaving earth and launching into space, while at the same time hammering home the brand messaging.

•► Tours
I knew I needed to heavily utilize vertical movement, lots of space (no pun intended), and a lot of parallax movement to give users the feel that they're flying through space when exploring the tour options.

•► Lunar Launch Details
For each of our #SafeSpaceTours, I wanted to create a rich experience for users so they can dig deep into the details of their upcoming adventure, from a profile of the ship's captains, to detailed excursions with photos, to a detailed overview of Nike-designed lunar space gear to be used on the launch.

•► Booking Logistics
I intentionally left the booking options very simple: SPACED only launches from one launchpad (JFK in New York), only on certain dates, and while users can choose a departure date, they don't get to choose their return date (the tour is a preset length of time).


SPACED is a recreational space tourism company that offers safe, quick, and affordable tours to various locations across the universe.


I haven't worked my design muscles this hard for a long time and I had a blast doodling on this mock design challenge put on by @Dann Petty


I did all the UI work in Sketch, animated it all in principle, and used After Effects and EZGif for exporting.

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