Jaku - Camera+

Jaku   camera

I saw SoftFacade's Lens.ly icon pop up on my radar and it was love at first sight. But it was actually the tiny notches on the vertical plane that attracted me. Just striking.

And I needed a new icon for Camera+ in Jaku. The rest lies before you.

This is the 4th attempt at a camera. First and second I completely mangled the lens. The 3rd was only decent because I used Apple's native camera app as a guide. This one I tried to actually replicate a real one.

The camera is a hybrid between SoftFacade's icon and the Olympus E-P2 silver micro which is an impressive beast (hence the blue rim).

The underlying design philosophy behind this one is the lens. I've seen people beautifully recreate an entire camera, but for this, I wanted to keep the body far in the background and let the lens (and its chrome) do the talking.

As always, optimized for the Retina display, so elements may appear jagged on your monitor.

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