Trello Redesign Concept | Day 30/365 - Project365

Day 30/365 - Trello Redesign Concept

Redesign Tuesday:

For Redesign Tuesdays, I usually would incline to redesign interfaces that I have been using regularly.

Trello is one such application! It's a great project management tool I'd say. Staying simple and functional!

This redesign stays true to the simple yet functional aspect of Trello, but with a twist of flat, modern design scheme!

I've designed two concepts, one in light and one in dark! Let me know your thoughts on this one!

Which one do you prefer?

What is Project365?

A 365 Days Design Challenge undertaken for the love of design and creativity!

This is not just another design challenge. The challenge is to design a brand new, unique website/application or any UI/UX interface in a single day and keep doing this for 365 days constantly! Without a break, without any compromises!

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