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Day 28/365 - News365 - Card Based Daily News Mobile App

Super Sunday:

It's Super Sunday & the theme for Super Sundays is to design a mobile application, with at least 4 screens!

Today, I've designed a Card based news app, that displays curated content from various sources. Swipe up or down to keep viewing for that particular day's news.

Swipe right to view the news for other days of the week.

Toggles for sorting news can be found in the menu below.

Hope you like this one!

What is Project365?

A 365 Days Design Challenge undertaken for the love of design and creativity!

This is not just another design challenge. The challenge is to design a brand new, unique website/application or any UI/UX interface in a single day and keep doing this for 365 days constantly! Without a break, without any compromises!

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