Website Design for Blockchain Loyalty Frequent Flyer Platform

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Hi folks!

This is the homepage of a website I working for cool clients of ours who created a frequent-flyer program based on blockchain technology. The advantage of using the decentralized loyalty-reward platform is that their tokens called Flycoins can be used not only to reward flight purchasers but also to buy any flight-related services.

The idea of this page is introducing Flycoin to the public, educating people about all the benefits and advantages of using blockchain technology for the frequent-flyer program. We were tasked to create a UI design to outline all the main features of the platform.

Unlike average blockchain websites overloaded with text content, we opted for using a lot of visual content to make the website look catchy and drive engagement. We tried to adopt a more unconventional approach to both composition and layout, presenting the information in an appealing, lively way while keeping it easy to understand.

We ended up with a visually-rich homepage design that introduces Flycoin, pointing out its advantages over usual frequent-flyer programs. This is WIP, so stay tuned to see the following updates.

Can’t wait to find out what you think about it. Any feedback is appreciated. Don’t be shy ;)

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