AI Selling Products App

This is probably the most interesting project we have been working on in 2017. It’s a mobile app that allows to sell products in just a couple of minutes.

You just need to point your camera to an iPod, for instance, and with the AI help the app will recognize the item, its brand, model and will find the average cost on market. While the item is being scanned, the app automatically takes pictures of it and prepares the description, which you can edit later on. Once everything is done, you can post the item to all American major online markets, like eBay or Craigslist.

✨ However, magic doesn’t stop here. The app also collects all the messages from different markets for more convenient communication with potential buyers.

Here in Chapps, we love working with such innovative and disruptive startups. And we will definitely describe this project in more details in a separate case, since it’s really worth it.

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