Airbnb: Connecting Homes

Some time ago I was looking for a home in Tulum, Mexico for 10 days in winter holidays. Obviously it was a high season and according to Airbnb 95% of all listings were already booked. The only options Airbnb offered for my dates were the ones I didn't like or too expensive ones.

At the same time Airbnb had options for shorter periods of time for my dates – like for 2-4 days. Combining together 3 of these options I could cover my dates but I would have to pick them manually and pay x3 of service and cleaning fees.

By this moment I was already exhausted from home shopping and decided to go to a different town. But I felt like Connecting Homes feature would be very helpful for me and other people in a similar situation. I was working with Airbnb in that time (producing video/photo content for Experiences) and decided to design this feature just as a concept. May be sometime it will see the light of day.

Posted on Jan 16, 2018

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