365Movies - Watch Movies Online | Day 07/365 - Project365

Day 07/365 - 365Movies - Watch Movies Online

Super Sunday:

It's SUPER SUNDAY and the theme of the day is to design a kickass mobile application with at least 4 functional screens.

The first one is a mobile app to watch movies online. Inspired by Netflix and a few other designs, the design approach to this one was to make it simple and hassle-free movie watching experience. Hope you like this one!

If you haven't noticed already, This is a part of my 365Days of Design challenge. Follow my blog for a more detailed explanation about each and every design that I post daily!

What is Project365?

A 365 Days Design Challenge undertaken for the love of design and creativity!

This is not just another design challenge. The challenge is to design a brand new, unique website/application or any UI/UX interface in a single day and keep doing this for 365 days constantly! Without a break, without any compromises!

For detailed blog posts on my daily content:

Let's work on something great, together!

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