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Habro Music - Product Design

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Thinking in connecting stores and users, Habro Music Brazil launches a new online catalog with an exclusive space dedicated to retailers. Here are some elements of the product.

Understanding the Problem

In order to solve the problem, you need to understand the problem. Get to the facts. What data are you working with? What platforms will you be deploying to? Are there any special dependencies, such as ‘user must be logged in’ etc?

What are the deadlines? If the deadline is short, is there anyone you could ask to help out? Do you need to collaborate with other departments, and if so, how can they support you?

What are the goals and expectations of this project or feature? What would success look like? This sort of information will guide you through the design process and help you propose a solution that will suit everyone.

The Challenge

Provide an information architecture for easy management, with functional updates, using all screen resolutions, insertion of new brands and the possibility of customization of the visual identity for each one. Find a way for a better ‘user flow’ experience to reach its goals and a store locator showing information of available products for sale.

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