Explore the Neighborhood — 601citycenter.com

Explore the Neighborhood — 601 City Center

Go to 601citycenter.com/location to play around with map.

This was one of the most challenging pages to design but the funnest to develop. Our client wanted to have many different local amenities marked on a map (somewhere around 50+). We had originally separated those locations into 3 maps (transit, food & drink, and other amenities) but I wanted to keep all of these items contained in a single map. Using Mapbox, I was able to choreograph the movement between sections/maps based on scroll while linking each item as it's own fly-to-location button. The mock ups don't do the map justice so be sure to check out the live page at the link above. I'd recommend viewing it on desktop.

Let me know what you think!

Credit goes to @Mapbox for developing such an awesome vector map api and styling engine.

Gustavo Youngberg
Head of Product Design Lightyear AI

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