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Hey dribbblers,

This time i continue sharing other pieces of a project that i had so much fun working on. Now it's time for the Profile page!

Such engaging project and experience that we wanted to convey...just felt like for the profile page i needed to come up with something more or less unique. I spent a long time thinking on the layout as i wanted for it to be not only catchy but also informative and comfortable to use. This needed to be something that would feel different and the same time safe and cozy. Something users would want to go back to even tho they knew they had no updates there.

At the presented concept you can find four main categories, switchable by side swiping. The calories around the avatar also serve as tabs, between which you can also toggle by tapping on desirable item. Settings and secondary information are accessible by just tapping on the user pic itself. I can't wait to share some smooth interactions with you guys!

This side project really resonated with my personal approach and idea of incorporating fun into user experience increasing engagement and just setting the vibe! :D

Fame Lab is a leading social marketing cloud that delivers authentic engagement on Instagram, Snapchat And Facebook Pages.

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Stay tuned for the upcoming interactions ;)

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