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I wanted to share my first animated gif with the Dribbble community! Around August of this year I made a big change in my life and thought it would be fun to create something out of it. At the beginning of 2017 I moved to New York City to work for a virtual reality startup. It was an amazing opportunity at the time working in a new growing industry. NYC is a behemoth and it can be challenging at times. It was a complete lifestyle change coming from the midwest. My decision to move there was motivated by the fact that if I worked in big market like NYC that would be my ticket to Los Angeles California where I always wanted to live. I stuck with it for 6 months and realized it wasn't the right move for me. I wasn't happy at my job and didn't enjoy living in New York. But I believe their's always something good that can come out of it. That following summer I visited my friends in Las Vegas. They had been there close to a year trying to build out their house cleaning business. My friends suggested I quit my job and move out there to pursue my passion of going freelance in motion graphics. It was only a 4.5 hour commute to LA. I thought my friends were crazy but the more I thought about it I started to love the idea. So I quit my job and moved out to Las Vegas. I stayed out there for 5 months. I networked in LA, worked on my last Mograph Mentor class and made a few good friends and connections. Right when I moved I scored my first freelance gig in Los Angeles and it went great. I couldn't be happier in my life right now and feel I'm staying in alignment with what my mission is on this awesome planet. As I'm writing this dribbble post I'm currently living in Los Angeles. I made the decision to move out here a week ago. It's amazing when the mind sets out on something what you're able to accomplish in much less than a year. Looking forward to posting more on this channel. Thanks again friends, cheers!

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