Goals App: 45 minute design challenge + Breakdown

myGoals is a simple conceptual IOS app. You create a goal, you check it off once you've done it. It's that easy.

I was given this task the app in 45 minutes at an onsite interview for a role a year ago. Simple brief, no existing resources provided. This is my breakdown of how I spent the 45 minutes:

1. Setting up the wifi! (5 mins)
2. Sketch, concept, ideation (5 mins)
3. Low fidelity wireframing (10 mins)
4. Decision on colour palette and UI style, Logo design (5 mins)
5. UI Design (10 mins)
6. App Banner design (yes, i had to do an app banner as well...) (5 mins)
7. Outline of presentation to employer. (5 mins)

Yup, really keep me on my toes for this one.

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Posted on Dec 6, 2017

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