Switchem - Create ready-made workspaces.

Hey Dribbblers 👋 New day, new shot 🤓

Today I share with you first shot from my already running startup called Switchem 🔥 Switchem is a smart enough automation software that helps you always be ready to jumpstart tasks such as photo editing, writing, development, management, education, video editing, finance, meeting, design, research and countless other. No limits at all 😯
In this short animation I tried to tell a simple idea on how the Switchem product works: create ready-made workspaces and use them for everyday tasks.

Learn more here https://www.switchem.co/
You can try a fully-featured version of Switchem before you buy with 100 uses in demonstration mode. Download the free trial here if Switchem is right for you 🙌

Let me know what do you think. More is on the way for sure 🚀
Looking forward to get your comments! Can't wait to read your feedback and thoughts.

Note: don't forget to check @2x or the attached full resolution for better view 👀

I hope you love it ❤️ Press "L" on your keyboard if you do 🤤

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Have a productive and super wonderful week 🙏

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