Umer Farooq

Rental Service Admin Dashboard Design

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Rental Service Admin Dashboard Design visual design sketch clean design rental dashboard admin

Redesigned the UI for a rental website admin dashboard. The UI was obsolete and clients were not using the product due to it's complexity. I managed to get some feedback from the users pointing at various problems.

The new interface will let users focus on the content without distracting eyes to other sections.

Assets are now presented in a modern way with visible fonts and nice infogrpahics and the first thing on the page to grab user eye.

Call to action buttons are visible with subtle gradients and shadows on right.

Calendar UI is now well balanced and well connected. When user clicks on a date, all the related events will appear with subtle animation on right with the date selected as heading.

Notifications are now with tabs which were previously only on individual page for notifications. Pagination is introduced in case if user wants to browse all notifications without navigating away from the screen. View all option is still there if user wants to see all notifications on a dedicated page.

Appearance of Latest Events is enhanced. Time stamp is added below the event copy. Format is changed as per U.S standards and should be configurable as per client's needs.

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