Dropbox Content Icons

We've freshened up our file and folder icons! This redesign carries forward the playful spirit initially captured by @Morgan Allan Knutson while further modernizing and simplifying the forms to coexist with our updated UI surfaces.

Some fun details. We noticed that different categories of files were identified by different kinds of imagery. Highly specialized files like .sketch or .psd were closely aligned to their brand logo, whereas general-use files like .txt or .mov were most easily identified by a generic symbol. To further foster focus on these content glyphs we pushed back the illustrated page element. Stripping down our file icons in this way also created a clearer contrast with our solid blue folders.

All in all, we think the new update will help you find the files you're looking for, faster than before. We hope you like it.

Thanks to @Michael Jeter and @Kevin Tunc for their inspiration and critique.

Posted on Sep 25, 2017

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