Isil Uzum

AR Run Concept

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Augmented reality can have much more potential to change our lives once the AR glasses, lenses are widely used in daily lives.
One of the use cases I thought of is running a race with a friend or with a group of people wherever they are in the world. I showed Nike's bot as a way to facilitate and track the race. Assuming each runner allows the bot to get their sensor data, it could create and show you 3d representation of your friends running with their real speed just as if you're running together, plus the info about their current pace, location when they remain behind you.
The 3d models could be created using 3d scanning, or could be chosen from different avatars. Their route can be adjusted moving to right/left say if an obstacle, other persons on a sidewalk is recognized through glasses camera.
The race could be also shared in a live-stream with others, or even joined by people who are running on a treadmill at home and watching a virtual route with their headsets.

About the green circle making selections; it shows where the user is looking. I imagined that the engagement with content is done through eye tracking. The point focused on becomes bigger, comes to front and and if still in focus becomes selected.

Ui elements could be actually much smaller covering less of your view. I made them bigger to be more visible in the smaller area of this video, and I focused more on showing the idea, the interface and interactions are actually to be thought on deeply and can evolve in different ways once AR glasses/lenses are a common thing used in our daily lives.

I could put a better quality video here

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