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Baatch design test

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Baatch design test test app design iphone ios baatch

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Hey Dribbbles

When I came back from San Francisco, I did some tryouts to work for Baatch. In the end it didn't work out, but it's been a loooooong long time since I uploaded anything and Daryl said I'm an ok designer today so here goes.

This is one of the design exercises I did for Baatch.

Baatch allows you to group order stuff from the app, from what I remember.
So here you are chatting about stuff and then Whatshisface feels like a burrito would be nice and what do you know, it turns out it's available on Deliveroo.
Fuckin A.
Your mate starts a Deliveroo thingie and you can ignore it because wtf or buy the shit out of that burrito too.

Pretty neat, right?

On the screens top right button allows you to start a new Baatch, and bottom bar enables you (form left to right) to Configure / Start a new chat (or group chat) / Search the app

I missed you dribbble.


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