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Meizu Pro 7 - Interactive Toy 1.

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Meizu Pro 7 - Interactive Toy 1. framer prototype interactive wallpaper android back phone mobile meizu

Hey Dribbble friends,

Here is a first proper shot of a project I've been working on/off for the past weeks. The idea is to create a collection of simple interactive toys users can play with when toying around with their phones. Call it "an interactive wallpaper" with minimal visual & haptic feedback.

I'm using the new Meizu Pro 7 phone. It has a small back screen used to show relevant / contextual information that could pretty much be used for something like this in resting mode.

FWIW I had to draw the phone from scratch ^^U, I will share it in a different post.

Also check out the @Framer prototype below. I'm not a crazy coder but came up with the idea of propagating an animation (scale, color) on a grid of objects assigning more or less delay depending on the distance from the touch point.
Grid Prototype

More shots coming soon.

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