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Industrial Analytics Dashboard Animation

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Industrial Analytics Dashboard Animation data visualization smooth animation design technology motion clean transitions iiot statistics sensor monitoring ui ux data dashboard charts analytics railway zajno

We helped an award-winning IIoT start-up KONUX take their digital presence to a whole new level by custom designs and accurate implementation.

Goal: Our main objective was to have the most important info displayed on this screen, so the data is easy to comprehend. We tried to keep it professional-looking with a clean interface that is intuitively simple to use for anyone from C-level executives to engineers when analyzing the data on railway infrastructure.

Approach: How do you bring the whole client`s digital appearance to a completely new level that gives the leading edge over competitors while addressing the most important business goals? That was our pivotal question when approaching design and development work on Andromeda, a state-of-the-art instrument for measuring, analyzing and providing insights into a complex array of railway infrastructure assets.

Solution: We designed and implemented the front-end development of their complex data analytics web application. We are really excited to gather the analytics and offer improvements based on those.

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