Smol. The guitar master

The client asked from me to design something that would be personal.

John Koutsikas is a jazz, rock guitar player born on July 14th,1990 in Thessaloniki,Greece. At an early age he started listening to jazz records as well as experimenting with mixing progressive rock and jazz to his playing. He has taken classes by Jazz Guitarist Sakis Kosmidis and has attended seminars by imporant musicians such as Pat Martino,Guthrie Govan,Kosta Vreto and many others.He intends to create different musical approaches to the lines used to create harmonies in guitar playing. He is also influenced by guitar player such as Allan Holdsworth,Tom Quayle,Sam Birchall ,Plini and Gustavo Assis. He has participated in lots of Guitar Contests and has worked in numerous Jazz,Rock,Fusion,Soul projects.Private lessons since 2010.Teaching at Local Conservatories and Performing live since 2008 with local bands and theatrical projects. Currently he works as a session guitarist recording guitars for many music projects and he writes music for his upcoming album.

The idea was simple. I decided to illustrate his own face and use it as a logo.
What else could be more personal and unique for an artist?

Posted on Aug 9, 2017

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