Simon Birky Hartmann

Introducing the CMYK/RGB texture pack!

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Hello everybody! Let me present to you the latest from The Shop: the CMYK/RGB texture pack!

These seventeen (17) textures were printed on a copier with a faulty toner, which gives them a grainy feel, along with noisy artifacts similar to risograph prints.

The colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, then red, green, and blue, then ten hues following a rainbow spectrum gradient.

Each of the texture has been scanned at 2,400 ppi, then lightly edited in Photoshop (contrast, saturation), then resized to generate a crisp 18"x24" @ 300 ppi document.

- Seventeen (17) textures
- Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black, Red/Green/Blue, rainbow spectrum gradient (ten hues)
- Sized to fill an 18"x24" document at 300 ppi

The textures are so high quality that the archive is bigger than what @Creative Market accepts to host. Therefore, your download will contain the preview images, along with a link to the full product archive.

Finally, you can have a closer look at everything in the attachments!

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