Regolo Bizzi tribute: "Astral Expansion"

I wish that I had dedicated more time to this design. As beautiful as it may be, I don't think I did justice to the amazing inspiration that I was filled with when I saw Regolo Bizzi's design that inspired me. I rushed myself on this design, because I wanted to post one before the end of the month. Ah well. It's not that this is bad. It's just less... than I wanted it to be.

Regolo Bizzi's inspirational design:

Why was I rushed? Because I've been putting so much effort into my new Video Portfolio! I wouldn't call it done yet, but I would say that I'm at least comfortable sharing it at this point! For this project, the focus was -quality-, not instant gratificaiton - so expect it to take some time to load if you're not on a fast connection; these animations are between 25 and 100 MB to load. So if you've got the bandwidth, prepare to watch some high quality animations in full screen! Take a look, and let me know what you think! :D

Check out each step of the creative process for this animation at this Imgur gallery:

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