Rebound This

Help us drive donations for the charity:water Dribbble invite raffle by rebounding this shot. No assets to download here.

Rebounding is simple, just rebound this by using the text

"Walken on Water"
Donate to charity:water to enter your name in a Drawing for a Dribbble invite"

...And then link to
The Dribbble charity:water campaign somewhere in your first comment:

You can also link to

The sweet fake Christopher Walken video if you'd like.

Oh, and you can also

Donate if your heartstrings are gettin' tugged.

What, free money!?!?!?!

Oh, and don't worry, if you've read this far, here's the scoop. If your rebound is the most popular by likes, you get $50. Plain n simple. Wait, but your design was awesome and you got second place!?!??! What a flippin' crime. Okay, I'll give you a Stache Trooper shirt.

(will award cash via paypal on Aug 1, 2010)

Posted on Jul 19, 2010

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