Alaska Airlines

Established in 1932, Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest airline in the United States offering 1,200 flights to 115+ destinations across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

I started by looking for a graphic system bold enough to carry all the communication needs. Built upon a forward motion slash, a modular typeface and a simple idea, this graphic gesture allowed us to place the vision at the heart of the identity. A new logo grew from it, naturally. Making the logo an extension of the graphic system rather than an isolated signature was necessary to give the new identity its full power.

The blue diagonal line reenforces the angle of the letter “A” symbolizing the company’s movement forward. The forms of the letter "A" represents "North" as well as the high mountain peaks in Alaska while the letter "K" signifies the arms of a clock indicating punctuality as well as motion. 

Posted on Jun 3, 2017

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