Fluent Design Attempt and 3x Dribbble Invitations

Hi dribbblers :)

I still have 3 Dribbble invitations, actually it should be 2, cause one of them belongs to Ramil Sultanov, but he didn't confirm my invitation last time, and it has expired, so Ramil if you see this post, please contact me.

I will announce the winners at the end of May
Good luck!


Updated - The three winners are:
Bilic Vlad , Mateusz Głodek and Ramil Sultanov.


It has been a long time since Microsoft updated their design language, and I was deeply fascinated by it, especially the description of the texture and the dynamic effect. Personally, I think this design language is more natural, and it directly defines the future trends in the VR/AR field. So I would love to try some new designs based on this.

In my opinion, the fluent design system is a composite design based on Google and apple, so people could use color blocks and blur effects at the same time. In addition, the design itself emphasizes the smoothness of the texture and animation. It can make us create more differences in similarity.

I recommend my friend Neko to you guys, he is also trying new style recently.

Pls check here - - MY PROJECTS - - to view my more stuff.

Posted on May 21, 2017

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