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  1. Matt Howerter Matt Howerter

    This is one of those humbling experiences that stay with you for the rest of your career.

    BRIDGE is a state agency that helps to connect foster parents with biological parents for the sake of the child involved. It’s kind of a mentoring program for parents that have had their children taken from them; in hopes that the child will eventually be returned.

    They wanted a logo that conveyed all of the above… so I doodled up three designs, but this was “The One” in my mind. It has the feeling that a child might have actually drawn it. The suspension bridge just made it look like everyone was holding hands, connected. The two adults and a child came across clearly to me… it was perfect.

    They didn’t get it.

    They asked if I could add hands and faces… they were trying to be too literal and I couldn’t make them “SEE” the design the way I did. I was pretty disappointed.

    I generally push back at least once when a client asks for drastic changes. So in my brilliance I did this, and as a result I never heard back from them.

    Lol, such is life.

    over 2 years ago

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