I know this isn't digital design but it was a lot of sketching, math, problem solving, and hard work. This was the final step in having a TV mounted to the wall with zero cords showing anywhere. I wanted to make a table that could contain all of the boxes that we connect to our TV as well as align with an added outlet I put in the corner. This table has an 1 1/2" hold drilled into the back of both shelves which are each designed to fit exactly what they contain. The top and middle shelves are created with 7 different 1 x 3s all glued and pocked screwed together to be a solid piece. This is what creates the chevron pattern coming out of the corner. I finished the table by staining it to match my floors, a few coats of poly, and then cutting up my arms trying to tuck all of the cords next to the boxes.

Posted on Apr 16, 2017

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