Stolen iPod

Stolen iPod

Got my car broken into last week. The only thing of value was an iPod classic with a super frayed cable hold together with electrical tape in the console which got taken. Bought it in 2007 and it was still working 10 years later, although I didn't update it anymore after 2013. Named it 2012 after the whole mayan nonsense and kept the name the same since. I think I had a few of those pre iOS games on it too.

Scratched up and dented, battery barely held a charge, lock slider barely clicked, would lock up in the winter, hard drive clicked once in a while, had some moisture under the screen, but still going.

Got me through a lot of family trips, flights, drives, etc. over the years, this is what I remember it looking like. I'll miss ya, old friend. Hope whatever jerk that took it enjoys that great music collection.


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