Tokyo Bicycles Logo

Logo for Tokyo Bicycles with complementary mark.

First thought was to go the obvious route and use the O's in Tokyo as wheels and bend the type into a bike, but it felt too obvious and forced. So went the classy way instead ;)

Been a long time since I worked on a emblem styled logo.
Was heaps of fun.

All types of honest and dishonest feedback highly appreciated as always.

Also, big thanks to Riley Cran for type tweaking pointers. You are a cool duder.

Emir Ayouni
͏i͏n͏f͏o@͏g͏r͏o͏w͏c͏a͏s͏e.͏co͏m g͏r͏o͏w͏c͏a͏s͏e.c͏o͏m

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