Emergence Exhibition WebGL Prototype

After a trip in Amsterdam I decided to start sketching a prototype on my notebook. I went to the Stedelijk Museum and there was this exhibition called Dream Out Loud. They set it up every 2 years and it gathers a lot of young designers to address sustainable design problems. I wanted to create a prototype to answer to this brief: "The Stedelijk Museum wants to gather more designers in the years to come for their future exhibition called EMERGENCE and also give their chances to students".

I had fun designing an experience based on Chess: designers are tackling critical problems, their projects and decision can make a difference in the world, in the same way every move in a chess game can make a difference. Designers can have fun, play with technology in order to achieve changes. Users navigate on a minimalistic website with informations about previous designers who took part in the 2016 sustainable exhibition. The main elements must be black and white since it's proven this type of display has a low energy consumption.

It was an opportunity for me to demonstrate how I can quickly prototype an idea using different softwares, showcasing the main interaction and put some elements into motion to have a smooth navigation.

I don't own the video of the hands in the water and the model photography. They are the property of http://barthess.nl/

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