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Apple Watch - DSNY Digest - Your Disney News Companion

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Apple Watch - DSNY Digest - Your Disney News Companion apple watch dsny digest disney

Lazy Reading Mode
Reading requires concentration, a quiet environment, that is sometimes hard to find, however With this feature you can make use of the time that would be otherwise wasted and instead listen to the latest Disney News whilst driving, working out or cleaning your teeth.

This is a feature that is needed throughout all text interfaces on the Apple Watch, especially with the use of AirPods, but the Apple Watch itself needs to have a louder Watch speaker.

DSNY Digest encompasses every component that makes The Walt Disney Company, the happiest company on earth, covering all the news from Disney Animation to Disney Parks, from Star Wars to Marvel, DSNY Digest provides a holistic look at everything going on inside the wonderful world of Disney.

*DSNY Digest is for protoyping purposes only, to prove a proof of concept, as the app is part of an ongoing project proposal for The Walt Disney Company.

Download Here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dsny-digest-disney-news-edition/id973302847?mt=8


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