BMW M3 Dashboard and diagnostics

After becoming inspired by @Luka Perićh original piece, I decided to take a good chunk out of my 3 day holiday weekend, and put an m3 spin on his concept. Original sketches called for performance metrics i.e. 0-60 mph times, shift speed, and top speed featured on the dashboard, but I wasn't sure if that was even possible so I steered clear and turned it into a button instead. I also added a name element directly below the car which the user could customize and change to whatever they want.

For the Diagnositcs report screen, clicking on the car parts that are red would take you another screen with more details . For example, for the brakes it would tell you the front or rear etc.

The share button would send your diagnostics report to your mechanic instead calling him, or any alternatively use any other native sharing method.

Thanks for the inspiration Luka!

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