To-Do List Concept

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When you have your hands full of different tasks, one of the quickest solutions that comes to mind is a to-do list for better planning. As users have different tastes, preferences and priorities, diverse to-do apps are always highly demanded and there are never enough of them. Today's shot presents another UI design concept of a to-do list application for complex tasks. Users can plan big tasks or goals and separate them on several subtasks. The level of their completion is visually supported by thin progress bar. Light and airy layout as well as simple fonts provide good readability, which is essential for this type of product. Credits on UI design to Eugene Cameel. Productive day to you!

To share more ideas we get working on design projects and concepts, we regularly update Tubik Blog with new articles. One of the latest presents a case study on UI design for wedding planner. Join in!

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