Menu Arrow Hover

Menu arrow hover

Brief explanation:

1. Menu button

2. Menu open

3. Menu link hover = "meh"

4. Menu link hover = "yay"

One thing that irks me about dynamic drop-down menus that have little speech bubble style arrows is that weird cutoff between a hover-state, and the menu arrow itself.

On a recent drop-down menu I made for our (not yet launched) UI, I decided to make the arrow respond to hovering the first menu item. I did that via...


.action-menu li:first-child a:after {
/* Arrow's absolute positioning here */

.action-menu li:first-child a:hover:after {
/* Change arrow's background offset */


It's a subtle difference, but to me it's the little details that push UI elements beyond the realm of "good enough."

FYI: We're using the Pictos font for the gear button icon, and elsewhere in the app also. 'Tis pretty sweet.

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