Gert van Duinen

Jurassic Wine Logo

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Jurassic Wine Logo nessie brachiosaurus dinosaur ancient jurassic wine logo design brachiosaurus altithorax sauropods brachiosauridae animal logo designer identity designer icon designer symbol designer iconographer iconography typography logo illustration

The oldest wine in the world in a kingsize bottle, lol

With all these cool wine logos out here for the last couple of days, I just wanted to swing a little fun one in here ;)

While I was sketching some gecko concepts for an upcoming project, I really got inspired by one of these little odd doodles that totally didn't look like a gecko at all. Instead I was looking at this huge Brachiosaurus thing and quickly jumped to Illustrator before I gets trashed.

Also seen and gallerized @Logopond:

P.s. if you're interested in a $500 - $600 logo design project for a fun YouTube channel called Respect the Pact, please drop me a line at 'design at cresk dot NL' for contact info and a brief.

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