1ofakind motion mark

Motion blur 90deg and px distance 219 for first mark
Position second mark and set it's opacity to approx 55%
Paste third mark as top layer
Use varying degree of eraser opacity to delete marks behind third mark:
Full opacity for second mark delete based on the overlap (layer order takes care of rest here)
3 to 30% opacity for the first mark (keep clicking to apply eraser until it looks goooooood)
May need to Free Transform first mark below it's overlap to pull motion blurred lines down to first mark.
May need to erase more after pulling down first mark.
May need to erase leftover motion blur under the third mark created by Free transform.
This mark is for an online shop opening in December via http://shopvida.com/ , it will feature designs by me created for two clothing companies and funds will be used to refresh the industrial processes used to make the clothes resulting in eco-friendly and people-friendly made products.

Posted on Oct 18, 2016

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