In May of 2016 new TNC regulations passed in Austin, TX causing Uber and Lyft to leave one of their largest North American cities.

Soon came the "gold rush" of new ride share companies prepared to follow these new regulations. This left Austinites with a cluster of 10 new companies and the difficult decision of selecting a replacement service.

Wanting to solve this problem, I fired up Sketch and got to work. Knowing that pricing was going to be the biggest differentiator (after dependability of a service), I focused on showing the breakdown of prices between each company.

Additionally, I focused on offering the best promo codes for each service so that new riders could test that rideshare option for free. The UX of getting a free ride is notably straightforward, leveraging device functions like "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the promo code with one easy tap.

Using the Ionic Framework, I went from design to app store in just five days—launching to both the App Store and Play Store simultaneously. In four months alone, ATXrides has helped over 20,000 Austinites navigate the challenging ride share landscape.

Check it out on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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Posted on Oct 14, 2016

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