Demand Food

For 2 ½ years, I had the honor to co-found and operate an amazing food delivery start-up in Austin, TX. We called it Demand Food.

It all started with allowing friends to text in dinner orders each night. We as founders would then plate up food from a deli hot bar, and speed across Austin to deliver the goods. Almost a year later we had our own commercial kitchen with awesome drivers delivering hundreds of meals a day–most in 13 minutes or less!

But we always knew that placing an order had to be just as quick as the delivery. With the help of Invision we prototyped, tested, and iterated to provide users a great mobile app experience. We placed a huge emphasis on helping new users complete their first order as quickly and as smoothly as possible. An excellent ordering experience was just one of the many areas we focused on to give users a 5-star experience that they would often rave about.

I made the early decision to use the Ionic Framework to develop our iOS and Android app. Not only did it allow us to develop a mobile app for both platforms in just six weeks with two developers, but it also enabled us to quickly test and validate new ideas easily thanks to a single codebase. I highly recommend exploring Ionic for your next mobile app project. It's an efficient way for your startup to develop an exceptional app quickly and affordably with the option to develop a truly native experience once you find your target audience.

Sadly, Demand Food closed in May of 2016, but both the business and user experience knowledge I gained from this company will last a lifetime.

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Posted on Oct 13, 2016

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