sketch #32


Normally at some point in the election cycle I get a little overwhelmed with the onslaught of information I'm choosing to engage with every day. Last week I decided to use my phone on my commute to create pictures to help me process what I've read that day. A little visual therapy. I animated this one to reply to Robyn's post—what she's saying resonates with me.

I don't think Trump is satan, btw. I don't think he actually believes a lot of things he says about policy, so I'm not worried he'd take the difficult steps to implement them. I am worried about his temperament and the horrible ways he treats people, though, and I'm not alone. This illustration was done the day The Atlantic came out with their op-ed against him, the third time they've weighed in on candidates in their 159 year history.

I'm mostly likely not going to reply to any comments here. But I would encourage you to vote this year.

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