DailyUI #8 - 404 Horrible Dutchies

Hello everyone,

Here is my design for DailyUI #8.
I loved to create a 404-error page about The Netherlands - my homeland (in a very negative way). Because the ugly weather out here I give you the option to start an emigration proces so you can leave this horrible country. That's how I came up with the name of this page: 'Horrible Dutchies'

For all Holland-lovers out there, its just a fictive page, created with the idea to combine vector-line-illustrations with something funny.

Anyway I hope you guys like it!

PS: I used:
Adobe Illustrator CC for the illustration
Adobe Photoshop CC for the webdesign
Adobe After Effects CC for the animation
Adobe Photoshop CC for the conversion to a .GIF-animation

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