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Tip Tap: The effortless bill calculator

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Tip Tap: The effortless bill calculator play store food meal split tip gradient android app android calculator

I little while ago I published a shot on Dribbble that was a simple Framer prototype for a tip calculator that had a mix of keypad and gesture inputs. I sort of forgot about it until I was contacted by Fabrice, who had turned my hacky prototype into a fully fledged Android app!

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Fabrice and I spent a little bit of time tweaking things to make sure we were happy with them, and the result is now available, for free, on the Play Store, with an iOS version nearly complete as well! We really hope you have fun using this, and please let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas/feature requests!


Tip Tap features:

- Ad free.
- Currency agnostic. It's just numbers.
- Simple, single entry interface.
- Undo / adjust values on the go.
- Tip percent, tip amount, split amount and total update in real time.
- 4 colourful themes to choose from.
- Shaking your device resets the calculator.


Fabrice has done an incredible job on this, so if you're looking for a super talented and friendly Android dev, you should definitely get in touch with him!

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