Why “Fuck Off All Nerds”? (Well, Why Not?)
The origins of this saying are remarkably hazy, but its starting point has never been of much relevance anyway. If I’m not mistaken, “fuck off all nerds” began as an incredibly vague reference to the Revenge of the Nerds movies, though even that’s probably somewhat of a stretch. Like most inside jokes or ensuing phenomenons that exist within this community, it all started with a single inadvertently-stated remark, which evolved uncontrollably to a point where its initial meaning was no longer identifiable or even of concern. At some point, though, Mitch Dubey picked up on this and adopted the words as a mantra of sorts, putting it at the forefront of his innumerable catch phrases. Considering that Mitch was practically teeming with enthusiasm and energy at any given time, it only makes sense that he would choose to endorse such an outlandish saying. Why “nerds”? Well, because actually using that word in the degradative sense is downright silly. But really, it’s just because somebody at some point watched Revenge of the Nerds and said something absurd. Truthfully, it really doesn’t matter why the saying is there, nor does it even seem worth trying to unravel. The phrase isn’t intended to be understood because there’s honestly nothing to comprehend. People say it because it feels good to open your mouth and be ridiculous, and because it’s just one of many seemingly mundane habits that, for whatever reason, merits holding onto - now, more-so than ever. It's difficult to say how or why this became the thing that people say, but I have a feeling it had a lot to do with Mitch always being there to remind people of it. He didn’t invent the phrase, but he certainly owned it, and whatever it means, he meant it more than anyone.

-Alan Richard Huck

R.I.P. Mitch.

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