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Greetings to the playground :D

Before describing what this post is about i’d like to go through a little(or not) foreword for it.

For the last few years i’ve been mostly involved in the projects for clients, amidst the largest of which, i was lucky enough to find such a big guys as Boeing, Markit and Deloitte. Not that i don’t like it, i mean, working with such data loaded systems almost always creates pretty obvious usability challenge that requires a creative approach to the way you serve and prioritise the data to your users, i guess the more complex the system is the more interest you have working on it. But the downside is that most of the time i was strictly restricted of sharing any piece of that work, NDA is very clear on that one. No concepts, no WIP, no smoothly polished pieces of interaction, nothing of that kind was i at liberty to showcase even tho that work took a huge piece of my time.

Although, i still had lots of side projects to share and to get your feedback on, for which i am indeed grateful btw, that didn’t seem to cover my eagerness to get my stuff out there at the moment.

And so i decided to create a series of interaction prototypes, examples of the small, functional interaction that would fall under so called interaction library, i’m sharing the first piece of which with you today.

Interaction library would aim a few main targets:

- Quick access to the example of a generic interaction you can quickly share with your client to get a reference point on the table;

- It’s easy to select and implement a behaviour type that would be suitable for a particular project you work on, as i’ll try for them to serve a typical UX need;

- I will as well try to cover the most interesting and non-standard approaches to explore relatively fresh behaviours so we all stay mainstreamed and aware;

- I do love create nice and smooth interactions and so now i have a chance of doing that independently of the project i currently work on most of my time :)

I already have nearly 20 references on my list. And the first case is for mobile, it’s a simply animated search hints and adding the item from the list. Hope you like it as much as the idea in general.

P.s. So yess, it is a big description and i appreciate you having it almost read.

Let me know what you think about this idea and you are always welcome to leave even the toughest feedback below. Have a shiny day! :D

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