Josh Ackerman

Lock Screen Prototype V2

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Lock Screen Prototype V2 concept vector vector os concept os concept operating system paper design framerjs framer notifications lock screen blck blckos

In version 2 of my lock screen prototype, I added support for multiple users, notifications, private notifications, lock screen apps, and a long press gesture to gain more insight about a notification. Each user can specify a custom clock, and choose which notifications are private. Private notifications still appear, however their contents are blurred.

There is also a guest mode which allows friends or family to use a blank login, allowing them to play games and make calls without having access to your personal information.

It is a pretty large Framer project, using a lot of classes, components, and a custom device with a working home button. If anyone is interested, I will consider posting the project. It was about 1200ish lines of code, and there is still a lot of work to do.

Edit: Here is the Framer file, I changed the font to Open Sans, so there would be no problems with displaying the prototype. Also note that the code is far from perfect (It's a prototype), and I tried to add some comments about what I will improve in future versions (like type checking, setters and getters, etc.).

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