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Hey guys!

Check the new service — Capitoledge Screensaver.

Today it’s time to share something not only beautiful, but useful as well. This shot concept appeared as a reaction to a small but irritating everyday concern. Being designer means spending lots of hours at my computer, and every time I get back to it after a small break I have to wait until it loads. ‘So, why don’t we use these seconds to learn something new instead of watching the screensaver images?’ — I thought, and here’s the result.

My suggestion is that we use the computer loading time to learn the capitals and flags of different countries. Want to join? Visit the Capitoledge website, download a set of cards for your screensaver, and enjoy your loading time learning something new!

Download, learn, enjoy, press ‘L’ if you like it

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Posted on Jul 19, 2016
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