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Hi mates! I am ready to share a new graphic design work with you. Summer is the time of active and sporty days so I tried to apply some of the vibes in this shot. This is a cover page for the magazine devoted to sports and active life. The issue presented here is about relations of sport and business. General style concept of a visual presentation is fully based on using custom graphic elements instead of photos. The idea behind the central illustration featuring the athlete was to immediately present the topic and at the same time add some fun and stylish looks. Hope it will add positive shades to your day too!

Working on various design tasks and ideas in Tubik Studio we pay close attention to functionality of graphic design elements. They have to create attractive looks but also boost usability of design solutions. If you are interested to see our graphics live, don't miss the post in Tubik Blog presenting different concepts foranimated mobile UIs. Stay tuned!

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