I love VSCO. However, I think they could've made things a little bit easier and friendlier in the latest update through interactions and making actions more discoverable and explicit.

I surfaced the close and confirm actions when applying a filter, which supports the common use case of opening a photo, applying a filter and then confirming. Currently, you need to tap the arrow to get to the actions to either confirm or discard.

I also replaced their "Confirm" icon which currently is a circle with a checkmark. I know, this is probably a very conscious choice since the line between art and design is thin at VSCO. But still, I believe ignoring every pre-existing pattern and convention for the sake of art is not the right way to go. A lot of users would agree according to my Twitter feed.

I did this prototype to get to know Principle for Mac better.

Hit L, if you enjoy what you see.

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

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